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Will You Be My Monster Book

Will You Be My Monster Book

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Split into three sections for easy flipping, the spiral-bound pages of Will You Be My Monster? invite children (and their grown-ups!) to flip around and mix and match endless combinations of heads, bodies, and legs to create their own magnificent monsters!

Bring on the giggles!! Will You Be My Monster? is a seriously fun flipbook that invites readers to mix and match super silly looking monster heads, bellies, and feet to create hundreds of hilarious monsters! Kids will laugh aloud at the monsters they can create with this interactive flipbook that will keep them entertained, again and again! Will You Be My Monster? is ideal for kids, parents, grandparents, friends, and teachers looking for:

  • Interactive children's flipbook
  • Books for three to eight years old
  • Books for preschool and up

As delightful for solo play as it is as a group activity, Will You Be My Monster? is all about inspiring creativity. It's a monster generator in a book perfect for Halloween, and it makes for hours of fun. Plus, the sturdy, durable--and outrageously colorful!--package makes this flipbook the perfect travel companion and activity book for kids on the go!

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