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Sierra Cedar Incense

Sierra Cedar Incense

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Triloka Sierra Cedar Original Incense: Grounding-Stabilizing-Strengthening. This incense has a rich aromatic wood fragrance with a Vetiver note and Vanilla accent which creates a deeply grounding energy and strengthens the mind. Triloka incense is hand-made according to the ancient masala method, a tradition that has been passed down through incense-crafting families in India for generations. This tried-and-true process blends sandalwood, herbs, gums, woods, resins, and oils to form a paste (masala) which is then hand-rolled onto fine bamboo sticks to dry in the sun. This method creates incense with a long-lasting fragrance that leaves a subtle aroma even after the incense has gone out. 10 sticks per pack. Handcrafted in India

Attributes: Grounding, Stabilizing, Strengthening

  • Soft steady aroma
  • Use indoor or outdoor in a well-ventilated area
  • Convenient & reusable
  • The most popular form of incense
  • No chemicals or additives
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