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Pink Stripes Floppy Hat

Pink Stripes Floppy Hat

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• Gro-With-Me®: Fully adjustable head drawstring and chinstrap

• 50+ UPF Protection: No harmful chemicals, dyes or solutions added

• 100% Cotton: Breathable and comfortable

• Stays On: In windy conditions or when child pulls

• Safe: Break-away safety clip on chinstrap

This Gro-With-Me® Cotton Floppy Hat grows with your child so they can wear it for longer. Thoughtfully designed by moms, this sun hat is guaranteed to fit your kids with a fully adjustable head drawstring and adjustable chinstrap. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your kids will be safe from the sun’s harmful rays with our 50+ UPF Kids Floppy Hat!

The UV protection from our Cotton Floppy Hat comes from the weave of the fabric and construction of the hat. Rated UPF50+ and safe for kids with no harmful chemicals, dyes, or solutions added. With tons of adorable prints and colours, your little explorer can stay sun-safe and stylish!

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