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Lokai Bracelet Womens Empowerment

Lokai Bracelet Womens Empowerment

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This bracelet carries elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth, reminding you to find balance - staying humble during life's highs and hopeful through its lows.

Lokai believes in the importance of equality of women in the workforce, especially in what have historically been male-dominated fields.

Knowing statistical disparity about how underrepresented women are in the art world, what better way to contribute to balancing the scales than by offering a canvas that represents finding balance — the Lokai bracelet — with the Women’s Empowerment Lokai designed by Nathalie Sandin, a female artist from within the Lokai Circle.

The artist’s design celebrates women and their strength and uniqueness through symbolism.

$1 from each Women’s Empowerment Lokai sold will benefit Global Fund for Women, a champion for the human rights of women and girls movements for gender justice.
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