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Henna Premium Freestyle Kit

Henna Premium Freestyle Kit

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The Earth Henna Freestyle® Kit comes with the basics needed to create your own original temporary tattoo designs. Premium-grade henna powder is mixed with Earth Henna® Solution to make the henna paste. That paste is transferred into a soft plastic applicator bottle with a fine tip. To create your henna design, simply squeeze the bottle to release the paste.

Highlights of Earth Henna Freestyle Classic Temporary Tattoo Kit:

Enough henna to create 20–30 henna designs.

Henna tattoos last 7–10 days on the skin.

Henna powder and solution are pre-measured for perfect consistency every time.

Comes with an applicator bottle and the same fine tip used by pros.

Comes with 3 bonus, easy-to-use, peel-off, self-adhesive stencils.

Henna paste lasts 4 weeks, when refrigerated. Can be frozen too.

Dermatologically tested.

No pain, no permanence.

Perfect for creating gorgeous henna designs on the skin and festival body art.

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