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Froggie Leather Keychain

Froggie Leather Keychain

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This cute little froggie keychain is completely made of 100% natural leather. Frog is filled with cotton wool to get 3D look and soft touch.

Dimensions of the frog are 6 x 6 cm (2,36 x 2,36 in). Frogs have appeared in a number of fables and stories through cultures worldwide, and they always seem to symbolize a stroke of good luck.

From the kissing frog who turned into a handsome prince to the frog in feng shui that symbolizes wealth and good fortune, a frog can bring good luck and happiness. Giving someone a lucky frog gift is an expression of hope for a good and fortunate future. Every effort has been made to ensure color accuracy but variations in color can occur.

Made in Serbia

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