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Earth Henna Tattoos

Earth Henna Tattoos

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This Temporary Tattoo Kit comes with everything needed to create beautiful body art temporary tattoos. Premium-grade henna powder is mixed with Earth Henna® Solution to make the henna paste. That paste is transferred into a soft plastic applicator bottle with a fine tip. To create your henna design, simply squeeze the bottle to release the paste.

Enough henna to create 20–30 henna designs. Henna tattoos last 7–10 days on the skin. Henna powder and solution are pre-measured for perfect consistency every time. Comes with an applicator bottle and the same fine tip used by pros. Comes with 35 henna design stencil transfers that are reusable 5 times each. Henna paste lasts 4 weeks, when refrigerated. Dermatologically tested. No pain, no permanence. Perfect for creating gorgeous henna designs on the skin and festival body art.

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